Softball Team Banners: Types and Uses

Softball is a game that resembles the baseball game, which is played with a bigger ball like 11 inches to 12 inches in shape. It is played on a field of base length sixty feet and a pitcher mound of 43 – 50 feet far from home plates.

Although the game originated in 1887 in Chicago United States of America as a game played in a closed place, this game also generates its name due to its flexibility. In recent usage, the balls are rigid and strong.

Features of Softball

– The game moves at a steadfast level of 2 inches pace than traditional baseball.

– The base runner has a little more time to win than their opponents.

– The fielder also has little time to play the ball while the other team runs down to first base.

– The ball size is 8 inches bigger than a baseball.

– However despite this game name, the ball used in this game is not flexible unelse a foam practice softball is involved.

– Teenage players use 11 inches ball sizes.

Two rules of softball

Softball game is backed with two rules which are:

Fast pitch softball: In this softball rule the whole field is not clean and also full of grasses. The softball is made of a flat mound and a small hill. Softball games are pitched with hands that change the ball arc when reaching the plate.

For instance, in this game the pitcher tapped a fastball, the ball will like to rise but on baseball which the pitcher is on a hill but the ball will drop down. This game rule has a faster pitch. It also requires nine players on the field at a time. The rule also allows bunting and base stealing. This game rule is also the most common rules in Virginia high schools across the state and this rule also varies from baseball.

Slow- pitch softball: In this game rule, it has a ball size of 11 and 12 inches  league for women and larger ball size for men leagues. Slow -pitch softball rule requires ten players on the field at a time. Bunting and stealing is prohibited in this game rule.

Characteristics of softball

The essential requirements for this game are:

– Softball bat and gloves

– Softball and bases

This game is popular as a leisure activity for adults so their leagues are known to be “fun leagues”. In overseas, softball team banners are generated by bars and clubs for adults which is known as “beer leagues softball.

Although the team can be male or female and from novice to professional skill levels, this league can either be a slow pitch or fast pitch game.

Types of custom sport banners

Roll-up banner

This type of custom Sport banners can be six feet tall with your desired width size. Although this banner can collapse easily and easily moved from one place to another. This banner is attractive and can stand two sides for team sport banner display.

This banner requires nothing more than five feet for little exhibition.

Pop-up Banner

This custom sport banner is mostly made of clothes which has an end goal that is the same as traditional banners to be captivating. Pop up custom sport banners are used for the whole exhibition shell for proper extensions. Pop up banners can stretch much more than a rectangular shaped sport banner. The fixing of this type of custom sport banner may not be easy to set up like a roll up banner. Finally, the setup of this banner requires less minutes.

Hanging banners & Suspended banners

This custom sport banners requires the use of cable and steels for proper hanging and high installation. Hanging custom sport banners can be shown above crowds for normal visibility and upgrading impacts, so the potential payoff can suit this custom sport banners. For proper hanging of this custom sport banner, so you can consider Classic fabrics 2 by 2 corner pattern which can be in your desired shape and format.

  • Circumference hanging pattern
  • Triangle shape high hanging format
  • Square pattern system

Mesh custom sport banners

This custom sport banner can be put in close and public places for quick sightseeing. This banner also gives room for a proper breeze to pass through without damaging the banner.

Fabric custom sport banners

This custom sport banner mostly consists of satins or polyesters to create a full – colored picture that will catch people’s attention. This banner is easy to be washed by hands and with washing machines.

This banner also distracts grease unlike vinyl banners so this type of custom sport banner is proper for any sports that want high quality banners in less time. It is also good for indoor and outdoor display, house promotion and all game presentations.

Vinyl custom sport banners

This type of custom sport banners are quite strong to be lifted and can be lubricated if not properly maintained. Vinyl banner has a high materials durability which can be used by both outdoors and indoors service and for all softball team banners. This type of  sport custom banner is  hard to tear and wear out.

So therefore, you must consider having enough strength when opting for this type of sport banner for your sport.

Staircase and re-do banners

This type of sport custom banner grants the chance to cover up garnish wallpapers and unlikely back groups. Your sport logo or pictures on this banner allow this banner to slip into the scene to create sport awareness through the use of photography and videos.

So this custom sport banner requires the use of press photos, audio and keynotes speakers.

Functions of softball banners

The use of banners will elevate your sport to stand out.

Custom sport banners will showcase your team and sports so therefore it is a proper means to upgrade your team presence. They greatly increase your team popularity and unity.


The proper and easiest way to have a softball banner and custom sport banner is by putting your team’s images on the softball banner for recognition.

The banners also give the ability to create support means for your teams within the city, so your custom banner can be put anywhere.